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Gravity Wavelength is finally here

You don't have to come to the show
But this will be the one you'll wish you'd seen

Sneaky Dee's (College + Bathurst)
10 pm - We Should Have a Meeting
11 pm - Gravity Wave
12 am - Hot Monogomy


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Greetings All,

Many of you are aware that take-out containers make up a large proportion of Toronto's garbage (30%) and getting restaurants to change over to alternatives can greatly reduce this mess. Alternatives to styrofoam have been available for some time now, made from sustainable resources like sugar cane, corn and potato by-products.  These containers are similar in cost, can be placed in green bins, and take only 45 days to decompose (versus 500 days for paper cups, centuries for styrofoam, etc.).

NaturoPack is a non-profit organization that is lobbying the city of Toronto to ban the use of styrofoam and promote the use of sustainable packaging. Over 100 cities in the US have already banned styrofoam containers and we're hoping Toronto will be the first Canadian city to follow suit.

The "Get it to Go Green" campaign focuses on greening Toronto's take-out industry and reducing our city's ecological footprint.  The launch will take place at the Gladstone Hotel on Thursday, January 25 at 8pm (see attached flyer) and it would be great if you could attend. The evening will feature and exciting line-up of live comedy, music (the headlining band Ohbijou is on the cover of this week's Eye Magazine), art and activism.

Check out http://www.naturopack.org for more info and feel free to forward this invite to friends/lovers/coworkers/family.

Hope to see you there!


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Join my new club:


P.S. I am the president, respect my authority!
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I am beginning to lose faith in people.

I am disgusted at how simple human decency and respect is easily overlooked for personal desires or goals.

I have been stranded, abandoned and shocked at how often this is the case and it fills me with distress.

Worst of all, I am disgusted with myself for being so positive up until this point, giving people the benefit of the doubt and embracing them with open arms.

I am usually a very positive person, however the honesty and trust that I tend to confide in people is critically low right now.



you should listen to:
mary ann - regina
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